Marty Caplan

Game Design and Consulting

Some quotes from collegues about me...

“I've seen all types of Producers in my career, and Marty is easily one of the most creative. His varied background and media understanding shines through his keen eye for content and visuals. He's ambitious, entrepreneurial and always on the lookout for the next big thing. He also greatly cares about his team and will do what it takes to keep them engaged.” - Jeferson Valadares, Executive Producer, EA/BioWare

“We like to hire individuals who can wear many hats well at Other Ocean, and at this Martin excels. He is capable of meeting a variety of challenges in game production, creating and pitching projects to publishers and investors, advising company leadership in the exploding mobile/social game space, and using his industry network to drive new business development. His passion for games shows through in his creative, organizational, and strategic work. I highly recommend him to any production or business role in game development." - Andrew Ayre, CEO, Other Ocean Group

“Marty is a hard driving professional who does what it takes to accomplish a task. He is a quick study who has mastered many skills. Above all, he is a people person who can motivate a team to do just about anything. He foresees problems early, adjusts quickly to changing priorities and communicates effectively. He is a person who can take direction as well as give direction in order to get positive results from his work. I highly recommend Marty as a strong team leader and motivator who has a unique gift for working with all aspects of video game development.” - Amir Rubin, CEO, Sixense Entertainment

What the $%#&! is a Ludologist?