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Analysis of the mobile games business - Summer 2013

I'd like to highlight this great data-driven article by the folks at AppAnnie on what's been going on in the business of mobile games over the summer. 

Usually summer for the console/PC game is usually the doldrums and launches of new games start in September to run up to the holidays. With mobile, there is a separate peak in June/July as kids who are out of school buy game apps to entertain themselves. Worth remembering for launch strategies in 2014.


Love this chart. A preponderance of 'girl games' in children's apps show the continuing gender equalization trend in games on mobile, and in general. Videogames are no longer just for digitally native boys, which doubles the number of potential players!


And the ever popular iOS top grossing ranking as of July 2013. The diversity of companies verses the number of apps on the store is amazing to me. Small companies like Supercell dominating giants like EA is indicative that we are still at the early growth part of mobile gaming. Eventually these bigger companies will dominate this chart as app discovery costs continue to increase.

Cheers and please get in touch if you'd like to know more about how I can help your company succeed in this growing market.

- Marty

With 13 years in the game industry and time served in theme parks, internet and film before that, Martin Caplan has done some pretty fun and weird stuff. Currently he's consulting as an Executive Producer with Neomyx (Mobile games). In the past, Martin has been Executive Producer at Robot 11, creating amazing mobile connected toys. Before that, he was a Producer at BioWare / EA leading teams to create amazing next generation experiences in mobile games with AAA brands. He was Senior Producer and New Business Director at Other Ocean, pitching and running projects in the mobile/social space. At Sixense, he served as Senior Producer leading an internal dev team to create innovative gameplay for the Razer Hydra motion control hardware in a Valve game mod for Portal 2. He was previously a Producer at Sega of America for 5+ years with 18 shipped titles. He has worked in the serious games industry as a game and interface design consultant for U.S. intelligence agencies, earning Secret clearance. Finally, he founded and sold Paragon Games, a tabletop RPG game company, developing and publishing RPG books and boardgames.

Specialties: Computer Game Production Management, Computer Game Design, Computer game QA. Tabletop Game Writing and Design. Company management.

Marty can be reached at d33vle at gmail dot com

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